Islamic Invitation Turkey
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“Europe exports extremists to Mideast”

26 March 2016 13:41


Turkish officials have accused European governments of attempting to export their extremist problem to the Middle East while King Abdullah of Jordan has accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe.

According to The Guardian, Turkish officials have outlined to the British daily “failures” of the European governments “through several documented instances.”

It cited foreign militants leaving Europe while travelling on passports registered on Interpol watchlists, arriving from European airports with luggage containing weapons and ammunition.

European authorities freed them after being deported from Turkey despite warnings that they have links to foreign militant networks, the report said.

“We were suspicious that the reason they want these people to come is because they don’t want them in their own countries,” said a senior Turkish security official, whose name was not mentioned by The Guardian.
The paper said the conversations with Turkish officials took place before the latest Daesh-claimed terror attacks in Brussels in which at least 32 people were killed.

Those bombings and the attacks in Paris last November revealed Europe’s failings in tackling the threat from Europeans intent on travelling to Syria or Iraq to fight with Daesh and then returning to carry out atrocities at home.

Some officials have repeatedly said Turkey ought to do more to secure its borders.

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