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Resistance economy ‘the most fundamental way’ to solve problems

26 March 2016 8:34



Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi-Tehrani referred to the naming of the new Iranian year of 1395 as the year of “The Resistance Economy: Action and Implementation” by the Supreme Leader, saying that the issue of the resistance economy is the most fundamental way to solve the problems facing this country and perhaps even the problems facing the entire Middle East.The chairman of the Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution said the resistance economy is established on firm pillars and the relevant authorities must implement the practical steps which the Supreme Leader has stressed upon as soon as possible in order that we witness the flourishing of the economy.

He added that in his Norouz speech in Mashhad, Ayatollah Khamenei indicated this fact, saying that we should pursue the policies of the resistance economy in a practical and pragmatic way and strengthen and implement this issue in the government. “In order to effectively realize this and to reach a desirable outcome, all must do all that is in their power,” he said.

Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi-Tehrani said one of the pillars of the resistance economy is economic security, adding that currently, Iran and its Islamic system enjoys significant security and this, as well as the security of the country’s economic infrastructure security, is not comparable with other countries and this can motivate foreign investors to invest in the country.

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom said that in this regard, it is role of the legislative branch and the judiciary, alongside the executive branch, to monitor the investors’ actions and performance in order to administer and implement the plans of the resistance economy so they will not be ineffective.

His Eminence added that the monitoring of the functions and performance of organizations can be regarded as one of the indicators for the realization of a resistance economy.

The member of the Supreme Council of the Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly said that operating a resistance economy requires the cooperation, empathy and strong will by individual citizens and in order to realize this, we must be efficient and effective in all fields.

Ayatollah Hadavi-Tehrani noted that last year, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed under the guidelines of the Supreme Leader and this had led to the introduction of foreign investment in Iran. “We hope to see the realization of this years’ theme in our country soon,” he said.

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