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Syrian Army, Air Force Hit Hard ISIL’s Military Positions Near Quaryatayn

1 April 2016 10:43

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The Syrian army continued pounding the ISIL terrorists’ military positions and gathering centers in different parts of the city of Quaryatayn in Homs province on Thursday.

The army units hit hard the ISIL terrorists in Southern, Southwestern and Northern parts of Quaryatayn region in Homs province.

The army’s artillery units backed up by Russian and Syrian fighter jets hit the ISIL’s fortifications and gathering centers in al-Sukhneh region.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian army’s attacks on Thursday.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army and popular forces continued their advances in the Eastern part of Homs province, and seized back two strategic regions near the town of Quaryatayn.

The army units took full control of the Southern Farms and Height 861 in the surrounding area of Quaryatayn town in Homs province.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in heavy clashes with the Syrian government troops near Quaryatayn.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army seized back a strategic height near the town of Quaryatayn.

The army units took full control of Hazm al-Gharbiat height by moving from Jabil mountain towards Hazm al-Awsat mountains in the Western part of Quaryatayn town.

The Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on the ISIL Takfiri terrorists and destroyed their armored vehicle killing all its crew members.

On Monday, the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement started fresh military operations against the terrorists’ military positions Quaryatayn town in Homs province, and seized control of a strategic hill in the region in the first phase of the operation.

The army units attacked the terrorists’ positions in Quaryatayn.

The Syrian army and resistance forces seized back Mantar al-Ramliya Hill in Taloul al-Soud area in the Western part of Quaryatayn town early in the first phase of their massive operations.

The Syrian army started its fresh operations after it cut the terrorists’ supply routes to the ancient city of Palmyra which is also located in Eastern Homs.

Meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery units heavily pounded the terrorists’ positions in Quaryatayn.

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