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Iran Unveils 12 New Nuclear Achievements

7 April 2016 15:00



Iran unveiled 12 new home-made nuclear industry achievements on Thursday in a ceremony participated by President Hassan Rouhani.

The achievements which were unveiled on the occasion of the National Day of Nuclear Technology, included new systems of Zonal Centrifuge and Ultra Centrifuge as well as Fuel Rod complexes for Testing Power Reactors and Testing Arak’s Modernized Reactor.

During the ceremony, President Rouhani also ordered unveiling the Pasman Gor nuclear site in Anarak region in the Central province of Isfahan through video conferencing.

He also unveiled three books related to nuclear technology and Iran’s nuclear program entitled ‘Encyclopedia of Nuclear Safety and Security’, ‘Nuclear Industry; Iranian Masterpiece’ and ‘The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s Double-Standard Behavior towards Countries Suspected of Nuclear Weapons Activity or Safeguards Mistakes’.

Earlier this week, Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi announced that the country would unveil new nuclear products in different fields, including fuel and laser technology, on Thursday.

“New nuclear achievements will be unveiled in fuel, laser, power plants and health fields on the occasion of the National Day of Nuclear Technology,” Kamalvandi said on Tuesday.

He said that a ceremony will be held on Thursday to unveil the new nuclear achievements in the presence of the high-ranking officials, figures and elites.

“During the ceremony, a new activity will also start in one of Iran’s nuclear centers,” Kamalvandi added.

Also, in March, Deputy AEOI Head Asqar Zarean had said the country is set to unveil new hi-tech achievements on the National Day of Nuclear Technology in early April.

“A ceremony has been scheduled for April 7 with high-ranking officials in attendance. During the ceremony a number of new nuclear achievements will be unveiled in power plant, health and hygiene, as well as exploration industries,” Zarean disclosed.

He said the new achievements are home-made, and added, “They all enjoy state-of-the-art technology, currently under the monopoly of a handful of nations.”

In December 2014, AEOI experts built 7 new state-of-the-art laser systems with medical applications.

The laser systems included holmium lasers and second harmonic laser systems with applications in prostate surgery and kidney stone crusher machine, erbium laser and bio-di laser systems for dentistry, a fractional laser system to help the treatment process of skin diseases and a laser therapy machine with applications in physiotherapy.

Also in September 2014, researchers from Iran University of Medical Sciences presented a new method in September to overcome limitations in the laser surgery of head and neck through nanotechnology.

This therapy increases the performance of cancer treatment methods if it completely succeeds and helps the society’s health significantly.

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