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Hamas slams PA’s role in arresting resistance fighters in W. Bank

11 April 2016 7:05



The Hamas Movement has denounced the reported role of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in arresting four resistance fighters in the West Bank as “very serious and a reflection of its growing security cooperation with Israel.”

In a press release on Sunday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that the PA’s security collaboration with Israel is aimed at ending the Palestinian people’s intifada (uprising) against the occupation. Abu Zuhri expressed his Movement’s condemnation of the PA’s persistence in its security cooperation with Israel and held its leadership and Fatah fully responsible for such “antinational practices.

” The Israeli news website 0404 said last night that the Shin Bet in cooperation with the PA security forces was able to frustrate an operation targeting Israelis through arresting four Palestinian young men in Ramallah. The website noted that three of the young men had been reported missing by their families in early April. The detained young men were claimed to have been found in possession of weapons and hand grenades.

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