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11 April 2016 21:04

Karabakh conflict

Those who cause trouble to their people are sometimes, Azeri-faced sometimes Armenian-faced, sometimes Turk-faced sometimes Kurd-faced, and sometimes Arab-faced taritors who are originally Zionist Jews. These traitors who have been hiding their real faces for centuries are implementing the commands coming from their Zionist centers in Washington and Tel Aviv. Their goal is to make their people kill one another by creating disputed territories, issues, which are not the decision of their own people. For example, Karabakh region of Azerbaijan is one of the examples, excuses of traitors. Armenian-faced Zionist Government of Armenia and Azeri-faced Zionist Government of Azerbaijan are hand in hand to create excuses for killing thousands of people who are already brothers throughout history. These two Zionist governments use the Karabakh region as an excuse to kill their people whenever they are commanded from their masters.

Armenians were called as Mellat-e Sadıqa (Loyal Nation) during Ottoman time. They were living with the people of Anatolia peacefully for centuries. Armenians and Anatolians were massacred by the same commanders during the years of 1915-1923. The killers who covered their real faces attacked Anatolians and disappeared. Then, they showed Armenians as targets to be destroyed, killed by the same Zionists. There is no real name of the commanders of Armenians who allegedly attacked Anatolians. THE WEAPON THAT KILLED ARMENIANS AND ANATOLIANS WERE THE SAME.

When we analyze the recent events, killings, massacres we will definitely see the Zionist Jews behind the killings. Rwanda massacre is one of the best examples. Approximately 5 MILLION people were killed during 100-day period. Who were behind that massacre? Were not the weapons of Hutus and Tutsis the same? Were not the arms suppliers the same?

Today the people of the world have the same problem. USA, Israel, West and those countries that have USA, NATO military bases, Israeli embassies in their land can be accepted in this category. The leaders of these countries are not for their people. All of them  are for the “Greater Israel” project, and they have no mercy even for their own people.

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