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Hamas & Islamic Jihad affirm their support of prisoners, Intifada

12 April 2016 6:36



Hamas and Islamic Jihad called for national unity in support of Jerusalem Intifada and for setting objectives to the uprising in order to be achieved by all means possible. They affirmed that the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails tops the priorities of both movements.

This came during a mutual festival in solidarity with prisoners and Jerusalem Intifada organized by both movements Monday morning before the headquarters of the Red Cross in Gaza in the presence of representatives of Palestinian factions and families of detainees.

Hammad al-Raqeb, the spokesman of Hamas, said that resistance is the only way to regain all of the Palestinian land and to free Palestinian captives.  For his part, the Islamic Jihad leader and head of Muhjat al-Quds foundation Yasser Saleh revealed that 7,000 prisoners are languishing in Israeli jails including 1,600 patients with 25 of them suffering from cancer, 700 held under illegal administrative detention and 67 female captives.

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