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Syrian Army amasses 11,000 soldiers for the Aleppo offensive

14 April 2016 6:36


Similar to the Palmyra (Tadmur) offensive, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is quickly amassing a large armada of soldiers to swell their numbers for the coming assault in the Aleppo Governorate. In just over two weeks, the Syrian Armed Forces have already deployed 11,000 soldiers to the Aleppo front in order to partake in this large-scale offensive.

However, absent from this large-scale offensive in Aleppo is the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces”, who are reportedly remaining at Palmyra, despite the fact that their commander, Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan, is leading the charge.

The Tiger Forces will not be lamented for long though, thanks in large part to the massive deployment of Iraqi paramilitary units, Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iranian 65th Brigade (Greent Berets), and Liwaa Fatemiyyoun (Aghani military wing of the IRGC).

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