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Rouhani: Iran-Turkey ties to benefit world of Islam

16 April 2016 13:29



President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Turkish regime PM.

“The problems the World of Islam is facing should be solved by Islamic countries without foreign interference,” said Rouhani.

“Zionism and terrorism are the major problems for the world of Islam and the region as well,” he said adding, “undoubtedly, terrorism will be defeated.”

“All Islamic countries, Iran and Turkey in particular, should stand against policies on Islamophobia as well as plots against Islam and Muslims,” he stressed.

Further, the Iranian President appreciated Turkey for holding the 13th Islamic Summit Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey, on April 10-15.

Rouhani hoped the Islamic nations would witness unity, solidarity and development of cooperation during the presidency of Turkey over the OIC.

“OIC can be considered as a center of hope for Muslims around the world, but it has not been successful in its mission till now,” pointed out the president.

“Today”, he said, “Iranian and Turkish nations enjoy deep and friendly relations.”

Tehran and Ankara are determined to develop bilateral ties, Rouhani said, stressing that the two should focus on banking relations.

“Removal of anti-Iran sanctions on January 16 has created proper opportunity for the two countries to expand bilateral cooperation,” the Iranian President said.

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