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Israeli Energy Minister close to PM: Most of Turkey reconciliation (%90) deal is done

17 April 2016 12:16


Most of the issues in a reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey have been agreed upon, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said Saturday, expressing the hope that a deal would be finalized soon.


Speaking at a cultural event in Holon, Steinitz, who is seen as close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said he did not want to get into the specifics of the agreement but that both sides “have a considerable interest” in reaching agreed terms.

Asked about the question of a seaport for the Gaza Strip, Steinitz said the issue had not been discussed in the talks. (A Channel 10 report which said this issue, too, had been resolved was inaccurate, his office said.)

Steinitz’s comments came two days after a senior adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israel has agreed to the opening of a naval route between Turkish Cyprus and Gaza.

The adviser, Arshad Hormuz, also told a Hamas-run media outlet in Gaza that Israel has agreed to fully lift the blockade on Gaza as part of the agreement between Jerusalem and Ankara, which is reportedly set to be finalized in the coming weeks. Hamas, which is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, has had control of Gaza since a bloody 2007 coup.

Hormuz added that only “technical details” remained to be settled as part of the upcoming agreement, according to Israel’s Ynet news website.

There was no confirmation of the report from Israel. Israel maintains a security blockade of Gaza to prevent Hamas, which avowedly seeks to destroy the Jewish state, from importing weaponry for use against Israel.

Earlier this week, Erdogan’s spokesman said the normalization of ties between Israel and Turkey hinges on reaching an agreement over humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Ibrahim Kalin said Turkey insists on the “re-establishment of conditions for humanitarian aid to Gaza” and supports an independent state of Palestine “whose capital is East Jerusalem.”

The accord would come almost six years after a deadly 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish ship attempting to breach the blockade, in which 10 Turkish citizens were killed during a melee aboard the vessel. The incident led to a nosedive in bilateral relations that were already tense over Israel’s military policy in Gaza. Turkey demanded an immediate apology for the 2010 raid, compensation for the victims’ families and the lifting of the blockade on Gaza before normal relations could resume.

Israel refused and only issued an official apology some three years later. Talks on compensation have reached advanced stages, according to reports, but one of the main hurdles has been the lifting of the Israeli blockade.

Talks have also reportedly gotten hung up over Israeli demands for a commitment from Turkey to end tacit support for Hamas.

After several years of chilly ties and acrimonious accusations from both sides, officials met in December in secret talks to seek a rapprochement, with another round of high-level talks taking place in February in Geneva.

A bombing last month in Istanbul that killed three Israelis also led to cooperation between the countries and high-level contacts between leaders in Ankara and Jerusalem for the first time in years.

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VIDEO- Turkey’s ally Slaughterer Israel killed another 2 young in Hebron

Although the oppression of Slaughterer Israel is open, Sunni faced Wahhaby governments have good relations with this KILLER israel!!!

what is zionism

zionist israel

erdogan and israel

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Palestinian mothers

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Pak Army

pakistan defence minister

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Here the photo with Turkey


Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, shortly after Israel left the Strip. Since then, for nearly a decade, Israel has been trying to break Hamas’ spirit through the blockade, prevent it from arming itself with ballistic missiles and other weapons and topple its rule. All these attempts have failed. During this period, Israel waged three difficult battles against the Hamas government (Operation Cast Lead in January 2008, Pillar of Defense in November 2012 and Protective Edge in July 2014) and failed to defeat it. Experts estimate that Hamas has already rebuilt a large part of its abilities.

An attempt to defeat Hamas, kill its leaders and leave the area again will cause more radical elements to rise to power, like the Iran-supported Islamic Jihad.
As part of the agreement, Israel will demand that Turkey take responsibility for preventing the infiltration of weapons and arms into Gaza, and if it does assume such a responsibility, it will likely be strictly fulfilled.

People of Turkey are asking why the bomb blasts in Turkey never target the authorities and how these vehicles are able to enter cities, especially, capital city. Are these blasts organized beforehand to give excuses for an open attack on Syria? It is very interesting that these blasts came after the meeting between Erdogan and global zionist lobbies on February 9, 2016? Does this blast have any links withe the Saudi toops deployment to Turkey?

ankara tel aviv embassy

hamas saleh aruri

Israeli President Shimon Peres (L) toasts with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul (C) and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during their official dinner in Ankara, 12 November 2007. Israeli President Shimon Peres pledged today that his country would work for a tangible result at an upcoming US-sponsored Middle East peace conference, saying that the Jewish state is ready to make peace with the Palestinians. AFP PHOTO / ADEM ALTAN (Photo credit should read ADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images)



Turkey- Israel theatre OVER- Israeli soldiers to relieve tiredness of killing Gazans by freshwater of Turkey.



hypocrites in Qur'an

zionist lobbies

who is Daesh


maida 82 siyonist adl


Exclusive- Erdogan stated that they had been informed about the attack on Yemen beforehand. Erdogan, “Turkey has a mission in Middle East. What is that (mission)? We are the one of the co-chair of Greater Middle East and North Africa Initiative. And we are fulfilling our mission.” RTE March 04, 2006

The Brutalities and crimes committed by Zionist Saudi regime and supported by Erdogan who says, ‘ATTACK REACHED ITS GOAL’

Erdogan, “I think, the military attack that we have been supporting from the beginning seems to have reached its goal and we hope this attack will start the process of political solution,”

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Besir ATALAY, the Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of AKP, is confessing how their government supported, established so-called opposition HDP party which is another branch of Zionist Barzani.

Atalay: Er, all studies have been prepared and laws are made for the return of those people who live abroad and in the mountains (reffering to the PKK). A big role is given to HDP (so-called pro-Kurdish Party). HDP was BDP at one time. We (AKP) gave them an efficient role in politics. Actually, they got lots of stick in the beginning during their studies at the Parliament. WE IMPOWERED THEM IN A SENSE.


These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack but…

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