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Syria: Army, Palestinian Resistance Forces Kick Off Operations to Win Back Yarmouk Camp

17 April 2016 17:05



The Syrian army and Palestinian resistance forces paved their way into the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp in the Southwestern part of the capital, Damascus, on Sunday to push out the ISIL Takfiri terrorists who are controlling the camp.

The army units and Palestinian resistance forces struck ISIL’s military positions along Loubya and Safad streets, killing several Takfiri terrorists after a series of fierce clashes near the Tadamon region inside the camp.

Later, the Syrian army advanced in Tadamon region, seizing a number of building blocks at the Palestine street border.

An army officer underlined that the close cooperation between the Syrian army and Palestinian resistance forces will finally drive out the ISIL terrorists from the Yarmouk camp.

Earlier this week, the ISIL took control of Yarmouk refugee camp from the Al-Nusra Front rival terrorist group.

The ISIL took control of Yarmouk camp after five days of fierce clashes with the al-Nusra Front.

Last Sunday, the ISIL had asked al-Nusra terrorists to surrender themselves.

The Yarmouk crisis started in 2012 when the terrorist groups took control of the Palestinian refugee camp and displaced over one million Palestinians. The terrorist groups have been trying to make the Yarmouk camp and its surrounding areas the main center of their operations.

The ISIL had sieged Yarmouk refugee camp for several months when it was in al-Nusra Front’s control.

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