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Zionist Entity Says Finds Tunnel from Gaza into Occupied Territory

18 April 2016 11:55


Israeli occupation military said Monday it had located and “neutralized” a tunnel extending from the Gaza Strip into the occupied territory.

Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner said the tunnel he accused Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, of building extended several hundred meters into occupied territory though no exit had been constructed. tunnel

He declined to provide specifics on how it was “neutralized”. The operation was carried out “earlier this week,” he said.

“This tunnel is the first one to be found since Operation Protective Edge,” Lerner told journalists, referring to the 2014 war.

“It was built by Hamas in order to infiltrate and execute terror attacks against the people of the southern communities and (military) forces in that area.”

The Zionist entity launched its 2014 war on Gaza. It was the third war in Gaza since 2008 and the longest, deadliest and most destructive.

It killed 2,251 Palestinians, while more than 10,000 were wounded and 100,000 were left homeless.

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