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Imam Ali Khamenei on a great lesson from Imam Javad (a.s)

19 April 2016 18:17



A great lesson from Imam Javad (pbuh)
Like other infallible Imams, Imam Javad is an exemplar, a role model and a paradigm for us. The short life of this righteous servant of God was spent on fighting paganism and tyranny. He was appointed as the leader of the Islamic Ummah while he was a teenager and over a few years, he fought in such an effective way that by the time he turned 25, that is to say when he was still a young man, his existence became unbearable for the enemies of God and they martyred him by poisoning him. In the same manner in which our other infallible Imams added a page to the book of the glories of Islam by their sincere struggles, this honorable Imam too, was an important part of Islam’s comprehensive struggle in on the path of God and taught us an important lesson. The great lesson is that when we are faced with hypocrite powers, we should try to arouse people’s vigilance in the fight against these powers. If the enemy shows its enmity in an open and obvious way, and if it has no claims or duplicity, it is easier to fight it. But when an enemy, like Mamoun Abbasi, is disguised under a mask of sanctity and support for Islam, then it is difficult for people to recognize this enemy. In our times and throughout different periods of history, those who held power have always tried to use duplicity and hypocrisy when they are unable to encounter people face to face.


The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei 10/10/1980

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