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Syria: ISIL Fails to Break Through Army’s Positions Northeast of Damascus

19 April 2016 15:06



The Syrian Army troops and popular forces repelled the ISIL attempts to prevail over the government forces’ strongholds near al-Dumeir region, and inflicted heavy damage on the terrorists’ military equipment.

The ISIL stormed the pro-government forces’ positons in Badiyeh cement factory, Tal Abu al-Shamat and Tal al-Safa near Dumeit, but their offensives were repulsed by the Syrian soldiers and the National Defense Forces.

The ISIL left behind tens of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield.

Reports said on Monday that the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) forced terrorists of Jeish al-Islam group to retreat from more positions in Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian government forces’ heavy attacks pushed the terrorists back from over 75 percent of the hilltop village of Tal Sawwan in the Eastern part of Damascus province.

The terrorist groups left behind at least 17 of its members dead and many more wounded and fled the battlefront.

Fierce clashes in now underway near Tal Sawwan and if the pro-government forces capture the village one of the main supplying lines of the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta will be cut off.

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