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War Ravaging in Iraq: Popular Forces Take Heavy Toll from ISIL in Ambush Operations in Kirkuk

20 April 2016 18:24



The Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) inflicted heavy losses on the ISIL Takfiri terrorists by launching several successful ambush operations near the strategic village of al-Bashir in Kirkuk province in Northern Iraq.

“In the first ambush, the Iraqi volunteer forces killed 30 terrorists near al-Bashir village and injured over 30 others,” the Arabic-language al-Sumeria News quoted Hashd al-Shaabi Commander Meisam al-Zeidi as saying on Wednesday.

Al-Zeidi also informed that over 40 ISIL terrorists were killed and 30 others wounded in the second ambush in Tal Ahmad region.

He said five bomb-laden vehicles of the terrorists were also destroyed in the volunteer forces’ attack on ISIL positions in Tal Ahmad region.

In a relevant development earlier on Wednesday, the Iraqi volunteer forces foiled an attempt by the ISIL Takfiri terrorists who were trying to open their way into strategic regions in Kirkuk province.

The Hashd al-Turkmani forces pushed back the ISIL terrorists from the outskirts of the village of al-Bashir in Kirkuk province before the militants could open their way into the region.

The volunteer forces, meantime, attacked the terrorists from three different directions in a counter-attack.

The terrorists fled the scene towards the Southern regions after leaving the dead bodies of 32 militants behind.

The Iraqi army has gained the upper hand in the battle against ISIL in Kirkuk province. In the weekend, the Army and its allies pushed back ISIL militants in fresh special operation in the Western part of the village of Bashir in the province.

Iraqi security forces backed by popular forces advanced toward the Southwestern part of Bashir village, hitting ISIL positions and imposing heavy casualties on them.

The development occurs as Iraqi security forces also are making more gains against ISIL militants in the Western province of Anbar.

Security and popular forces manage to liberate the city of Heet last Monday, as part of their operation to drive out terrorists from the Anbar province.

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