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Hamas: Zahhar was not interviewed by De Morgen

21 April 2016 6:56



Hamas Movement strongly denied on Wednesday the statements published by Fatah-run websites about the senior leader in the group Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar’s interview with the Belgian newspaper De Morgen. Hamas affirmed that the statements were mere fabrications and lies, denouncing Fatah-run websites for adopting and publishing such lies.

Spokesperson for Hamas Sami Abu Zuhri said the Belgian newspaper had not interviewed the Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar. Abu Zuhri condemned Fatah movement for making bad use of the fabrications made by the said newspaper.

De Morgen newspaper has not included any article or interview about the senior leader Zahhar, the Movement confirmed. Dr. Zahhar, for his part, denied that the Belgian newspaper had interviewed him, saying that it is a failed attempt to cover up the internal disagreements within Fatah group and its security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

A number of websites affiliated with Fatah have published an interview claiming that it was conducted by De Morgen with Dr. Zahhar. The alleged interview included fabricated political positions and statements attributed Zahhar.

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