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ISIL Convoy Bursts under Syrians’ Heavy Fire in Palmyra

21 April 2016 15:10



An ISIL convoy moving near the recently-freed city of Palmyra (Tadmur) was targeted by the Syrian army and its allies, losing several members.

The Syrian army opened heavy fire at a column of ISIL military vehicles near Palmyra in Homs province, destroying most of them and inflicting a major damage on the convoy.

The attack also killed and injured tens of Takfiri terrorists.

The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces continued to push the ISIL terrorists back from more positions in the Eastern part of Homs province, and restored security to more regions near Palmyra.

The Syrian government forces launched a fresh round of offensives in the Northern side of Palmyra on Wednesday and forced the ISIL terrorists to retreat from the Antar chain mountains located in the Northern side of al-Tar mountain.

The ISIL left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield to evade more casualties.

The ISIL military hardware also sustained major losses in the army’s advances.

Reports said yesterday that the Syrian army aircrafts carried out several combat sorties over ISIL strongholds in the Eastern part of Homs province, including the surroundings of Palmyra and inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

The ISIL strongholds in the Southern and Northern sides of al-Shindakhiyeh and al-Sawanaa in the Eastern part of Homs province were heavily bombed by the Syrian air fleets.

The Syrian jets also hit the ISIL convoy of vehicles in the Northern and Southern sides of Palmyra, which ended in the destruction of several vehicles, including machinegun-equipped ones, and the killing or wounding of tens of the terrorists.

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