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Israel providing Jordan, Egypt with ‘unprecedented’ intel

21 April 2016 11:53


A senior Israeli military officer says Tel Aviv is providing “unprecedented” intelligence assistance to Jordan and Egypt.

Major General Yair Golan said “there is a strong feeling in the region that we have to put aside past animosities and concentrate on mutual interests and working together” to deal with threats.

Golan cited Daesh as one of those threats even as Israel and Jordan are widely known to have been supporting Takfiri groups in Syria.

“Egypt fights the Islamic State (Daesh) in the Sinai Peninsula. Jordan is terrified by the presence of the Islamic State in Jordan’s cities and towns. And we try to work with them in order to contribute something to their security,” Golan said.

Jordan and Egypt are the only Arab countries that have inked peace treaties with Israel.

Golan said he wouldn’t describe cooperating with Egypt and Jordan “as some sort of reconciliation between the people. But it is a good starting point and I’m quite optimistic concerning that.”

King Abdullah II of Jordan has claimed that Jordanian jets helped Israeli warplanes confront Russian aircraft on the southern Syrian border at an unspecified time.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported last month that Abdullah had made the remarks to US Congressmen on January 11 without disclosing the date of the purported confrontation.

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