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Israel, Saudi Cooperate Militarily along Red Sea: Report

21 April 2016 17:40



The US website, Veterans Today, revealed an agreement between KSA and ‘Israel’ to hold a military cooperation along the Red Sea since 2014, disclosing the identities of Saudi army officers who participated in drills in the occupied Palestinian city of Haifa in 2015.

Veterans Today cited a document revealed by one of the Zionist politicians to prove that the agreement stipulated that ‘Israel’ and Saudi administer Bab Mandeb Strait, Aden Gulf, Sues Canal and all the countries that overlook the Red Sea.

A joint crew carries out the mentioned operations as the Israeli side is led by General David Salameh and the Saudi one commanded by General Saleh al-Zahrani, according to the website.

Veterans Today also noted that the Saudi-Israeli relations have been strengthened recently, mentioning the large number of exchanged visits between the two sides.

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