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U.N. transfers 440 ISIS terrorists from east Damascus to Raqqa

21 April 2016 7:01


On April 19th, Al-Masdar News reported that ISIS presence in Dumayr was over after the government and terrorists established a comprehensive ceasefire agreement.

“ISIS presence in the village of Dumayr has come to an end after a recent meeting between the Syrian government forces and rebels in east Damascus. The factions fighting under ISIL’s flag, Liwaa Al-Sadeek and Liwaa Rajal Al-Malahm, were given an ultimatum on Monday evening: either leave Dumayr or turn-in their weapons to the rebel or government forces. If the terrorist factions agree to leave Dumayr, they will be given safe passage by the Syrian Red Crescent to the nearest ISIL controlled area.” ISIS factions agreed to leave Dumayr, but only if they would be guaranteed a safe transfer to the Al-Raqqa Governorate.

The government and terrorists agreed to allow the U.N. to transport 440 ISIS terrorists from Dumayr to Al-Raqqa’s eastern countryside. The transport was made up of approximately 290 ISIS terrorists and 150 members of their families that were living in Dumayr. They would be transported by 8 buses on Wednesday afternoon; thus, ending ISIS’ long-standing presence in the town of Dumayr

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