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Syrian Armed Forces Strike ISIL Strongholds Badly in Deir Ezzur

22 April 2016 18:04

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The Syrian Ground and Air Forces carried out several combat operations against the ISIL terrorists’ positions in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur to decrease the group’s logistic and military abilities.

The Syrian Army troops stormed the ISIL positions in the districts of al-Sina’ah and al-Ummal, which ended in the mass destruction of the terrorists’ weapons and ammunition. The Syrian fighter jets, for their part, carried out combat flights over the ISIL bases near al-Kassarat region and Baqjaji farm in the Southern part of the province and targeted them heavily.

The ISIL suffered major casualties in the airstrikes.

In relevant developments on Thursday, the Syrian army backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) retook the strategic district of al-Sina’ah in Deir Ezzur from the ISIL after a series of fierce clashes with the militants.

The ISIL had captured al-Sina’ah on Wednesday but the army and its allies’ rapid reaction led to the liberation of the region again.

Field sources said that during the clashes on Thursday, several ISIL militants were killed and wounded and their military vehicles and equipment were destroyed.

Before recapturing the region from the terrorists today, 75 ISIL members had been killed and many more were wounded after a column of the terrorists found themselves in an ambush operation of the government forces in Deir Ezzur province.

A field source said that a Syrian army unit, in cooperation with the engineering units, carried out an ambush against the ISIL in a street in al-Sina’ah by planting landmines and bombs in the street.

The bombs were then detonated, leaving at least 75 Takfiri terrorists dead and tens of others wounded, including foreign militants.

The ambush also destroyed the terrorists’ arms, equipment and a cannon.

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