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Verizon workers walk off their jobs over wages

22 April 2016 13:07



Nearly a thousand striking employees of the US communications giant, Verizon, have staged a march over job security and wages.

The strikers marched from Copley Square to the Verizon destination store in Boston on Thursday.

Workers of the American Internet and telecommunications companyare worried about Verizon’s reported decision to move jobs out of the US and to the Philippines, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

“They wanna take benefits away, they wanna outsource our jobs, they wanna take pensions away. Enough is enough, this is an attack on workers and the middle class.” A speaker told the protest rally in Boston.

Almost 40,000 Verizon workers walked off their jobs and joined the strike on April 13 in what is considered as the largest workers’ walkout in the US in many years.

Recently, campaigns for higher wages have gained momentum in the country with many nationwide rallies demanding the minimum wage double from just over seven dollars an hour to 15.

Some 64 million Americans are paid less than 15 dollars an hour in a variety of industries, including home care, airports, and janitorial positions.

A last month report said more than 50 million people in the United States live in economically distressed areas plagued by high unemployment, poverty and financial anxiety despite the economic recovery since the ‘Great Recession.’

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