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Rabid dog Israeli settlers attack French solidarity delegation

23 April 2016 17:27



A group of rabid dog Israeli settlers attacked Friday evening a French solidarity delegation while visiting al-Khalil south of the occupied West Bank. A member of the French delegation told Quds Press that the Israeli settlers attacked him and his wife in addition to the delegation members while visiting Shuhada Street that was closed by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

The attack aimed at preventing us from witnessing the locals’ suffering, he continued. He affirmed that a group of settlers led by the extremist female settler Anat Cohen attacked his wife and the child Abe Abu Maria, 11.

Inhuman Israeli forces intervened and detained the delegation members including the injured child under the pretext of entering an Israeli-occupied area. The French delegation threatened to submit a complaint to the French courts against the settlers’ attack that was carried out under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

Shuhada Street in al-Khalil city was closed by the IOF after the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994 during which dozens of Palestinian worshipers were shot and killed by an Israeli fanatic settler.

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