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Syria: Clashes Intensifying between Army, Terrorists at Lattakia-Idlib Border

24 April 2016 21:13



The Syrian army has continued its advances against the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Northeastern parts of Lattakia province and is now engaged in a tough battle with Al-Nusra Front and al-Turkistani terrorist groups near the strategic town of Kabani at the border with Idlib province.

The Syrian government forces have so far repelled the large-scale offensives of the terrorist groups. The terrorist groups have also suffered a heavy death toll in the army’s counterattack in the battle over Kabani.

In relevant developments in the Northeastern battlefield of Lattakia province on Tuesday, the Syrian government forces repelled the large-scale offensives of the terrorist groups and in a rapid counterattack forced them to pull their members back from the Heights of 1112 and 1154 and mountain of al-Zweiqat.

The terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll in the army’s counterattack.

Then, the army and its allies pushed North towards Kabani at Lattakia border with Idlib province and in a several hours non-stop battle took full control over the strategic hill of Kabani.

In early April, informed military sources announced that the Syrian Army and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters had pushed the terrorist groups back from more than 90 percent of Lattakia province’s territories and were resolved to continue their mop-up operations to take back the rest of the costal province.

“The Syrian soldiers and the Hezbollah combatants have cleansed over 90 percent of Lattakia province after months of non-stop operations against the terrorist groups, which have inflicted major losses on the terrorists in large scale,” the sources said.

“In the meantime, the Syrian Navy commandoes and Hezbollah repelled rapid attack of al-Nusra Front on the government forces’ positions near Jabal al-Qal’ah in the Northeastern part of Lattakia, and forced the terrorist group to retreat the battlefield after leaving behind scores of the dead and wounded members,” the sources added.

The sources stressed that Eastern part of Jabal al-Qal’ah and Kabani are under full control of the government forces.

Also in the last days of March, the Syrian army and their allies forced terrorists to retreat from a number of points in the Northwestern province of Lattakia, and established control over more regions in the Northern parts of the province.

The pro-government forces captured Ruweisa Rashou and Jourata an-Nahlah and several more points in the Northern regions of Lattakia province inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists and damage on their military hardware.

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