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Syrian Army Kills 100 Takfiri Terrorists in Aleppo’s Rashidin

24 April 2016 21:07



The Syrian army conducted two successful military operations against the Takfiri terrorists in Rashidin region in Aleppo city, killing tens of militants.

At least 100 Takfiri terrorists were killed in the army offensives on their military positions in al-Rashidin region.

The tough battle between the Syrian army and Takfiri terrorists came after the militants attacked the government forces’ positions in al-Rashidin 4 neighborhood and Al-Assad Suburb.

Al-Rashidin 4 neighborhood is the gateway to Aleppo city from the West and taking control of that region is of high strategic importance to both the government forces and terrorists.

In a relevant development earlier on Sunday, the Syrian army thwarted the Takfiri terrorists’ attack on government forces’ strongholds in the Southwestern parts of Aleppo province, and inflicted heavy death toll on the terrorists.

The terrorists’ massive assault on the Syrian army positions in al- Rashedeen neighborhood and its nearby Al-Assad suburb were repulsed by the Syrian army.

Score of terrorists were killed and wounded in heavy clashes with the Syrian government troops.

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