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Venezuelan Revolutionaries March against ‘Fascist Offensive’

24 April 2016 13:21



Venezuelans took to the streets in the capital city Caracas to protest the right-wing political campaign to roll back the country’s Bolivarian Revolution led by former President Hugo Chavez.

Protesters, organized through a collective of 25 social and political organizations, marched under the banner “All power to the people!” and against what organizers termed a “fascist offensive, betrayal, and corruption,” Telesur reported.

The organizers argue that actions by the right-wing are threatening the democratic and anti-neoliberal processes that have been built up in Venezuela and spread to other parts of Latin America since Chavez’s 1999 election.

Chavez’s legacy of the Bolivarian Revolution, continued by his successor President Nicolas Maduro, has faced a hostile environment since the election of an opposition majority to the National Assembly, led by Henry Ramos Allup, a figure of Venezuela’s old neoliberal establishment. Ramos Allup has vowed to oust Maduro before the latter’s term is up.

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