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Report: ISIL Propagating Takfiri Ideology in School Textbooks

26 April 2016 12:25


The ISIL is trying to promote the Wahhabi and Takfiri ideology among the Syrian children in areas under its control in the school textbooks, media reports said.

The Syrian army and popular forces have gained access to a series of books that the ISIL used to propagate extremism in the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) that is now under ISIL’s control, the Spanish-language ABC newspaper reported.

The newspaper also said that they have obtained texts which show the ISIL has invited the Syrian youth to join the terrorist group.

It reiterated that it is quite evident that the ISIL command has tried a lot to prepare plans for the future training programs of the terrorists.

In a relevant development earlier, Guardian newspaper in a 24-page document had disclosed terrorists’ programs for training children and turning the children into religious fanatics and also the importance of the trainings in development of the ISIL’s caliphate.

It said that after training the children the ISIL commanders force them to take part in execution of the people.

The ISIL is also engaged in similar operations in the city of Sirte in Libya; 100 children comprising Libyan and other nationalities have undergone a training program titled ‘Caliphate’s Lion Children’, Libyan local media reported.

The age of the children graduating from ‘Caliphate Lion Children’ does not exceed 14. The children are used for carrying out horrible suicide attacks and driving the bomb-laden vehicles.

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