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Syria: Gov’t Forces Continue to Advance in Eastern Homs Province

26 April 2016 12:30



The Syrian Army troops and popular forces are pushing the ISIL back from more positions East of Homs province and are advancing rapidly against the terrorists along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzur highway, military sources said.

“The Syrian soldiers and the National Defense Forces have deployed their units to a region only 10 kilometers to the strategic town of Arak along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzur highway,” the sources said.

“If they win back Arak from ISIL, they could target the last villages between the Deir Ezzur and Palmyra,” they added.

In relevant developments on Monday, the army advanced towards Arak region in the Eastern countryside of Palmyra city and managed to approach Arak and T3 gas fields.

The Syrian army has won back the strategic cities of Palmyra and Quaryatayn in the part month.

If the army purges terrorists from Arak gas field in the coming days, the next destination will be the strategic city of al-Sukhnah which would mean cutting off ISIL’s main supply route between Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces.

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