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Al-Arabiya warns of the Israeli escalated attacks at Al Aqsa

27 April 2016 12:21


Al-Arabiya Organization for Human Rights in Britain warned of the escalated attacks of the Israeli organizations of the alleged Temple of Solomon at the Aqsa Mosque. It urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League to exert efforts to put an end to Israeli crimes.

In a statement on Tuesday, al-Arabiya organization highlighted the Israeli aggressive practices including the escalation of settlement building, demolition of Palestinian homes, confiscating Palestinians’ IDs and closing charities and relief societies.

The statement also affirmed that the Temple of Solomon organizations which are supported by the Israeli government take advantage of Jewish holidays to intensify the incursions into the Aqsa Mosque and perform Talmudic rituals at the Muslims’ sacred place.

Al-Arabiya asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to raise the issue of Israeli crimes in Occupied Jerusalem including construction plans to build the alleged temple at the Security Council. All indications point out that the Israeli government is going ahead in its implementation of Judaization schemes at the Aqsa Mosque, al-Arabiya said.

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