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Iran capable of producing inter-continental missiles: Diplomat

27 April 2016 19:23



A senior Iranian diplomat says the country’s scientific power has made it capable of producing inter-continental missiles, stressing that Iran’s military doctrine is based on defense.

“Our country’s power is increasing, and today we have no restrictions in defense fields, as in our missile program, we have no technical limits anymore,” Hamid Baeidinejad said in remarks published on the Basirat website.

Baeidinejad is the Foreign Ministry’s director general for political affairs and the Basirat website is affiliated to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

“Today, our scientific power has provided us the opportunity to even produce intercontinental missiles,” he said.

“Unlike the military policies of other countries in the region and major powers in the world, our military doctrine is not after an escalation of threats in the region or the world,” Baeidinejad said.

He noted that military power is aimed at neutralizing enemy threats, and is defined “within the framework of the defensive doctrine.”

The high-ranking diplomat further said that Iran’s enemies are “seeking to pit military elements of the country’s security against its economic elements” by making the country’s defense progress costly.

“Therefore, against the will of the enemy, we should make efforts to progress the two parts and make them fit well together.”

Baeidinejad, who was addressing a gathering of IRGC experts, said the “unparalleled” experiences of the IRGC in various fields of security have made it distinct from other countries’ armed forces.

“The IRGC, as the backbone of the country’s military security since the Islamic Revolution [in 1979] and the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran and as a historical necessity for the continued existence of the country, has had a matchless role in ensuring the security of the country,” he said.

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