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Tiger Forces seize mountains in northeastern Palmyra

27 April 2016 19:20



Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” – backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) – liberated 3 hilltops near the Mistudura Gas Fields after a violent battle with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) on Tuesday night. As a result of this advance near the Mistudura Gas Fields, the Syrian Armed Forces are now within 10 km of ‘Arak’s northern axis, which means that ISIS is on the verge of being flanked.

More importantly, the Syrian Armed Forces are quickly advancing east towards the T-3 Military Airport and the oil rich town of Al-Sukhanah. If these aforementioned sites in the east Homs countryside are liberated by the Syrian Armed Forces, then the ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor City will be in serious danger of being lifted.

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