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Zionist Israeli ‘terror cell’ indicted for dozens of attacks on Palestinians

27 April 2016 12:14


On Monday, an Israeli court indicted seven Israelis, including two sons of a leading rabbi, a soldier, and two minor teens, for participating in dozens of attacks against Palestinian civilians in Al Khalil city, in the southern part of the West Bank.

The Israeli court prosecutor asked that three of the suspects be held in prison, with the others held under house arrest.

The Israeli terror cell has been carrying out attacks for years – these attacks included the beating attack of a Palestinian in July 2015, and an attack on a Palestinian home in December 2015 in which the perpetrators threw tear gas canisters into a home in which a family was sleeping.

The other attacks admitted by the group include firebombing vehicles and homes, writing graffiti and hate speech on Palestinian businesses and homes, and attempting to burn a Palestinian family alive (unsuccessfully) in Mazra’a al-Qibliya village this past November.

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