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Al-Nusra Terrorists Terrorists Kill 14 Civilians in Aleppo in 24 Hours

28 April 2016 20:40


Artillery and mortar shellings on residential areas by al-Nusra front terrorists in the Syrian city of Aleppo in the past 24 hours led to the death of 12 people, with two more people killed in a terrorist sniper attack, a military source in the Syrian military on Thursday.

“The terrorists of the groups allied with al-Nusra Front again violated the cessation of hostilities and the residential districts in Aleppo were hit by a number of mortar attacks during which 12 people were killed,” the source said.

Two more people were also dead by a terrorist sniper in an attack on another Aleppo neighborhood of Masharif, according to the source.

The attacks by terrorists against civilian targets come as Syrian Army forces and their allies are surging in Aleppo to begin a massive operation against terrorists.

Earlier reports suggest a large number of fresh Syrian forces arrived in the province on Thursday as military sources in the Northern province of Aleppo revealed the army’s plans to start massive operations against the remaining Takfiri terrorists with 10,000 operating soldiers.

The reinforcement groups arrived in Aleppo battlefield to join the Syrian army and its allies to launch massive operations against the remaining Takfiri terrorists, the sources said.

Relevant reports earlier this month said that the commanders of the Syrian Ground and Air Forces, their allies and the Russian military advisors, in a joint meeting, coordinated the last steps of a large-scale operation in Aleppo to liberate the terrorist-held territories as soon as possible.

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