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Half of Americans Think Presidential Nominating System ‘Rigged’

28 April 2016 20:46



Half of Americans believe the presidential nominating system that parties use to select their nominees is “rigged” and more than two-thirds would want the process changed, according to the results of a new poll published on Thursday.

More than 47 percent of people who responded in Ipsos/Reuters said that they believe that the presidential nominating system is ‘rigged’ against particular candidates, Inquisitr reported.

According to the poll results, only 23 percent people appeared to place full confidence in the system and 23 percent of the voters said that they were “unsure” about the credibility of the nominating system.

The results of this new poll come as calls to put the electoral nominating system under increasing scrutiny have gathered pace over the last few days.

Allegations of a ‘rigged’ party culture, coupled with constant murmurs of voter suppression in various parts of the country during current nominating season, have called into question the very credibility of the system, and as the current poll shows, this belief is shared by a wide share of the American public.

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