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Israeli-Made Arms Cargo Seized by Syrian Army in Sweida

28 April 2016 7:36


The Syrian Army, tipped off by the intelligence agents, seized a large volume of arms and ammunition in the Southern province of Sweida, provincial sources said Wednesday, adding that the cargo contained Israeli-made weapons destined for the terrorists.
“The seizure was made on a road in the Western parts of Sweida province,” the sources said, adding, “The vehicle was carrying the arms for the militants in the Syrian desert.”

The sources added that the seized shipment included Israeli-made land mines, mortar shells, RPG rockets and hand-bombs.

Reposts said on Tuesday that the Syrian Army troops launched the first phase of a large-scale operation in the Southern and Southeastern part of the country to cut off ISIL supply line coming from Iraq, hitting the terrorist group’s strongholds in Sweida and inflicting major losses on the militants.

The Syrian soldiers stormed the ISIL positions in Toloul al-Fadin in the Northeastern part of Sweida province, which ended in the killing or wounding of several militant and the blockage of their supplying line.

The ISIL armored and machinegun-equipped vehicles sustained serious damage in the army attacks that was a part of the Syrian Army’s operations to cut off the supply routes of ISIL coming from Iraq towards the Syrian Badiyeh (desert).

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