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Larijani: Iran may reciprocate US breach of commitments

28 April 2016 22:52



Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday that Iran’s hands are not tied towards breach of promises by American officials and Tehran may take reciprocal measures.

Speaking in a local ceremony, he referred to the problems caused by mismanagement and sanctions and praised the nuclear talks as a success.

The Islamic system’s decision to talk with P5+1 on its peaceful nuclear issue was logical, Larijani said.

He noted that US officials have not been bound to their promises towards Islamic Republic since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran but they should know that Iran’s hands are not tied for taking reciprocal measures.

After the nuclear deal, the US officials have no excuse for continuation of sanctions against Iran and they are isolated in pressuring Islamic Republic, Larijani said.

He added that Iran succeeded to preserve nuclear achievements including the enrichment and at the same time, it stripped the enemies of the excuses for pressuring Tehran.

The speaker referred to removal of some limitations on Iran’s banking system and oil exports, noting that despite some problems, there are hopes for resolution of remaining issues in near future.

He underlined the importance of parliamentary run-off elections to be held Friday, adding that Iran is one of the advanced democracies of the world in a region dominated by monarchies.

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