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Syria Army Cuts Off Al-Nusra Front’s Supply Route in Marj Al-Sultan

28 April 2016 20:44



The Syrian Army troops and their allies continued to push the terrorist groups back from more lands in Eastern Ghouta and cut off their main line of supply in Marj al-Sultan, military sources said.

“The Syrian army forces surrounded al-Nusra Front’s primary supply road to the villages of Zibdeen and Deir al-Assafir in Marj al-Sultan area of the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus,” the sources said.

According to the sources, if the Takfiri terrorists fail to capture Bala al-Qadhima in coming days, they will be completely cut off and besieged in this area.

The Syrian government forces won back the small but strategic town of Bala al-Qadhima on Wednesday and actually divided the Eastern Ghouta into two separated Northern and Southern parts for the militants groups.

Liberation of Bala al-Qadhima ended in the Syrian government forces’ full control over the Harasta al-Qantara-Bezineh road that was the only communication road between the Northern and Southern parts of Eastern Ghouta and was one of the oldest and most strategic supply routes of the terrorist groups in the Eastern part of Damascus province.

The Syrian army, in recent weeks, has followed the strategy of cutting off the terrorist groups’ supply lines to face them shortage of ammunition and arms.

The capture of Bala al-Qadhima will engage the al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Northern part of Eastern Ghouta in the dire shortage of foodstuff , ammunition and arms coming from the Southern part.

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