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ISIS executes Iraqis for refusing to join terror group

3 May 2016 20:46



Up to 17 Iraqi civilians have been brutally executed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) after they refrained from taking part in killing Iraqi security forces. The heinous execution took place in the northern city of Mosul, a city completely controlled by the group since June 2014. Earlier reports disclosed that the city is on the verge of a ‘popular revolution’ after locals began forming armed militia to counter ISIS.

The resident of Aden district in west Mosul stabbed an ISIS militant to death after attempting to sexually abuse a local woman. The group did not react to the incident in order to assimilate the wrath of people. Following the recent setbacks in both Iraq and Syria, ISIS tried to recruit residents of Mosul and send them to battlefronts. Many have been killed and arrested for refusing to do so.

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