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Rouhani: Books, culture symbol of soft power for interacting with nations; Today world trusts Iran, its commitments

3 May 2016 20:51



Books and culture are the symbol of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s soft power for interaction with other nations, said President Rouhani at the opening ceremony of 29th International Book Fair being taken place in Aftab City.

During the ceremony that was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani also said that becoming accustomed to books will promote our national power in the international stage, adding: “Publishers should be provided with a competitive atmosphere and rent-seeking should be eradicated from the culture”.

Stressing public attention to culture economy, he also said: “Culture, publication and related industries are the creative market and the driving force of production and economy”.

Stating that culture, publication and related industries are the creative market, he also said: “Culture and arts are the driving forces for production and economy”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to Imam Ali’s (AS) description of book as something which brings peace to the heart and society and said: “A society that is accustomed to books, enjoys a high analytical power”.

“Becoming accustomed to books will promote our national power in the international stage and today big nations across the world know Iran by poetries of Hafez, Sa’adi and other great poets, scholars, writers and philosophers,” added the President.

Describing the book fair as a proper place for interaction and intellectual and cultural exchange of views, he said: “Building a decent exhibition complex in Tehran is a proper response to a strong need for domestic and foreign interaction and discussion; we are happy that Tehran Book Fair has reached its ultimate and proper goal and I appreciate Tehran Mayor and City Council and all people at work in Aftab City.”

Dr Rouhani also referred to the recent nuclear deal with world powers and said: “Success in nuclear negotiations provided a base for accelerated progress”.

“We will keep to our promises according to our leaders’ beliefs and statements,” added the President.

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