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Iraqi Joint Forces Start 2nd Phase of Military Operations in Southern Fallujah

4 May 2016 15:48



The second phase of the military operations by the Iraqi joint forces in the Southern part of Fallujah region in Anbar province kicked off on Wednesday.

“The fresh operations to win back new villages and regions in Southern Fallujah started today,” Commander of Anbar Province Operations Brigadier General Esmayeel al-Mahlavi announced on Wednesday.

The Iraqi joint forces comprising army, police and popular forces started massive operations to win back the regions located between al-Ameriya and al-Salam regions in Southern Fallujah.

General Mahlavi said that at least 60 Takfiri terrorists have been killed over the past 24 hours during the operation for liberating the new regions in Southern Fallujah.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Iraqi forces liberated a strategic road between the cities of Heet and Haditha in Anbar Province from ISIL’s control as a part of their ongoing operations against the terrorist group in the Western province.

“Iraqi security forces have made significant advances along the Euphrates River, retaking control of several villages in Anbar, and the army’s 7th division advancing from al-Baghdadi met counter-terrorism forces moving up from the city of Heet in the opposite side, gaining control of the key highway,” Iraq’s joint operations command said in a statement.

 “The road is therefore open between Heet and Haditha, via al-Baghdadi, after an 18-month siege by the terrorists of ISIL,” the statement added.

Also last week, the Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) in the Southern part of Samarra managed to cut the terrorists’ supply route to Fallujah.

The Iraqi forces kicked off their military operations to provide the security of the Southern part of Samarra city on Friday and they restored full security to Samarra-Fallujah road.

The Iraqi army’s engineering unit, meantime, defused the bombs planted by the terrorists in the region.

The ISIL terrorists had tried over the past days to make the deserts to the East of Sarsar desert insecure, but were pushed back by Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi forces.

Also last week, the Iraqi security forces hit hard ISIL’s military positions in Western Iraq, killing and wounding scores of the Takfiri terrorists.

The ISIL terrorist group sustained heavy losses and casualties as eight of its strongholds were razed down in the Iraqi army attacks Southwest of Fallujah city.

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