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Arms Cargo Seized by Syrian Army in Aleppo

5 May 2016 15:46



Syrian army soldiers ambushed a truck fully laden with explosives and assault rifles on a road in Aleppo province and seized its cargo that was destined for terrorist-held territories, military sources said on Thursday.

“The seizure was made along the Khanasser-Aleppo Highway in the Southeastern parts of Aleppo province as the vehicle was carrying the ammunition for the militants, however the Syrian army forces, tipped off by intelligence reports, tracked and stopped it,” the military sources said

The sources added that the truck’s driver was arrested by Syrian soldiers and turned in to the authorities in the city of Aleppo after the operation to seize the consignment went on smoothly without any significant incident.

The development comes as the Syrian army and popular forces on Thursday pushed back terrorists in the Western districts of Aleppo city after purging another neighborhood of foreign-backed militants.

The terrorists left behind scores of the dead and wounded members as they fled the scene of battle.

Many sources confirmed that the Syrian army recaptured several key building blocks in Western Aleppo on Thursday.

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