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Iran ‘Highly Dangerous’ for Foes: IRGC Commander

5 May 2016 8:08


Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) stressed if Americans plan to pose a threat to Iran’s security in the seas, the Iranian navy will be ‘highly dangerous’ for them.

Brigadier General Hussein Salami added that the US believes Iran’s navy to be dangerous, which is “of course a fact, and in my opinion, this is the first time the Americans have gained a correct understanding of our sea power.”

He referred to the 1982 UN Convention on the law of the sea, saying “under the convention, we have to counter any harmful and ill-intended passage through Strait of Hormuz. We warn the US and its allies against any threatening passage through Hormuz, for if it ever happens, we will have no other choice but act according to the 1982 Convention .”

Salami called on the US to exercise wisdom and political prudence in their actions and avoid imposing excessive and unnecessary pressure on the Iranian nation.

He went on to reaffirm that there is no political or military will against any country’s drills, especially Iran, within the boundaries of territorial and open waters.

“This is our lawful right,” he said. “We will not allow any power or country to make decisions in regard to our defense measures and deterrent exercises.”

The General criticized the measures of the US that have caused the displacement of many nations, adding “they always fabricate a threat against those countries to justify their presence in regions such as the Persian Gulf where they define vital interests for themselves.”

“Yet this is our will and sea power that has allowed the Persian Gulf to be a secure strategic region for all the world to enjoy,” he highlighted.

Salami further added that Iran’s reaction to threats will be to continue developing its missile program and maritime self-defense force.

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