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Iraqi Official: ISIL Smuggles Medical Supplies from Neighboring Countries

5 May 2016 15:56



An Iraqi health official said that the ISIL terrorist group has been smuggling medicine from certain neighboring countries to areas under their control.

“The Iraqi government is certainly not sending medical supplies to the areas under ISIL control, especially Mosul, however the terrorist group is smuggling medical supplies from Turkey, Jordan, and from the areas which ISIL controls in Syria,” the Acting Director General of Health in Nineveh Province Ahmed Nazim told BasNews.

He also revealed that, based on the information obtained by the Iraqi government, ISIL asks for extraordinarily high prices in return for the health services it provides for the public. People simply cannot afford medical surgeries, laboratory tests and checkups, the Iraqi official said.

Nazim urged the international community to dry up the sources that provide medical supplies for ISIL, so the group would not be any longer able to use the money as a financial source to pay its expenses.

The extremist group has so far executed a large number of medical doctors and healthcare staff across its held territories, but there is no exact figure of how many victims it has killed, he said.

“However, those physicians who have so far survived are living in a harsh situation in Mosul as they are obliged to work for awfully low salaries.”

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