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Desecration of Shia is hostility with Prophet Mohammad : Sunni cleric

7 May 2016 19:25


Top Iraqi Sunni cleric warns against any desecration of Shia sanctities calling that a manifest of hostility with Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Sheikh Khaled Mala’, Head of the assembly of Iraqi clerics, attended the anniversary of Maba’ath (revelation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) denouncing desecration of Shia turbans in some satellite channels, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iraqi Sunni cleric referred to the killing of clerics during former Ba’ath regime in Iraq and said,” Any disrespect to Shia turban is in fact a hostile move with Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and he who undervalues Shia turban has undervalued Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) turban.”

He slammed the recent unrests in Iraq and noted,” Invitations to burn Iraq constitution is in fact a call for unrest and chaos and an initiation of Daesh and Ba’ath regime.” and warned against ISIL intrigues to spark division in the southern Iraqi provinces saying,” All these plots will be foiled, in regards to the unified counter-terrorism stance taken by Iraqi nation.”

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