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Hamas: Israel and PA responsible for the death of three kids in Gaza

7 May 2016 18:04



The Hamas Movement has held the Israeli occupation state and the Palestinian Authority (PA) responsible for the death of three children in a house fire in Gaza City on Friday night. Hamas believes that the power crisis, which it blames Israel and the PA for causing it, has forced the family to use candles and thus led to the tragic death of those three children.

In a press release on Saturday, spokesman for the Movement Sami Abu Zuhri mourned the three children and described them as “the martyrs of the Israeli blockade.” Abu Zuhri also blamed PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and premier Rami al-Hamdallah for the incident and accused them of pursuing a discrimination and marginalization policy against the Gaza people.

He explained that the PA-controlled government insists on imposing the blue tax on the fuel supplies used to generate power in Gaza and also refuses to submit an official request to the Israeli authorities to provide the Strip with an additional power line. Three children from al-Hindi family lost their lives last night during a fire caused by a candle in their bedroom. Other members of the family also suffered medium to minor injuries in the incident.

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