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Hundreds of More Terrorists Enter Northwestern Syria via Turkey

7 May 2016 19:19



A large number of Takfiri terrorists crossed the Turkish border with Syria, heading towards the Northern and Northeastern battlefields of the coastal province of Lattakia, informed sources said.

“The terrorist groups have used the opportunity created by the recently-agreed short-time truce between the government forces and militants in Aleppo city and have relocated their members to some parts of mountainous regions of Lattakia province through Turkish territories,” the sources said.

The military sources further added that the recent ceasefires in Aleppo and Lattakia can give the terrorist groups to decrease their differences and gather in a united front against the ISIL, which will give the western countries and meddlers the opportunity to lead this front and increase their role in the region, specially in the crisis-hit Syria.

Late in April, militants of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group entered Northeastern regions of the Syrian province of Lattakia from Turkey.

“According to information received from civilians and opposition representatives, militants of al-Nusra terrorist grouping continue arriving in Northeastern regions of the Lattakia province from territory of Turkey,” the Russian Defense Ministry said at the time.

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