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Velayati: Iran, Syria, Hezbollah enjoy more peace of mind, self-confidence than ever

7 May 2016 7:39



Ali Akbar Velayati, senior advisor to Supreme Leader in international affairs said that the axis of resistance Iran, Syria and Hezbollah enjoy more peace of mind, self-confidence and certain of victory than ever in the past five years of conflict in Syria.

Velayati, who is currently in Lebanon to attend the two international meetings of World Union of Resistance Ulema Summit and Ahl ul-Beit World Assembly’ High Council Summit, said that Supreme Leader’s adoption of timely stances and high support to Hezbollah have greatly promoted spirits of Lebanon Islamic Resistance.

Referring to essential conditions to launch talks on Syria, he pointed out that ceasefire without determining repercussions after that will not produce necessary results.

Velayati, head of Expediency Council’s Research Center, said that Iran sees no limits in developing ties with Lebanon, hoping that recent moves in economic and trade ties will bear desirable results.

He also said he found during his meeting with Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrullah that he enjoys full peace of mind and is satisfied with the results of resistance movement’s combats.

In response to a question whether Tehran-Riyadh ties is the missing link for solving regional crises, he said this is not true because neither Iran nor other countries are entitled to interfere in other countries’ affairs.

Iran has never meddled in any countries’ affairs and will never do so, he said, adding that Iran is present in certain countries such as Syria and Iraq because of their legal governments’ demands.

He also said that Saudi’s presence in Syria is taking pace not at the request of the Syrian government rather at the request of Takfiri groups.

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