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War on Islam: Time to Toughen up, Right Here, Right Now



Everywhere you look and everywhere you turn, all around the Middle East and North Africa is the evidence that the United States and its allies are officially at war with Islam, even as the death dealers repetitively continue to deny it.

For the daft among us, who still don’t or won’t get it yet, the regime changers who are militarily based almost everywhere throughout the region, particularly in the Persian Gulf, are indeed out there to wipe out anything and everything that has to do with the true Islamic faith and value.

Here, Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei couldn’t be more accurate when he said on May 5 that “the US is at war with Islam, Iran, and Shiite Muslims,” in a bid to harm, weaken and annihilate the societal system of Islam, using terrorism, military, economic, social, and cultural means.

In his words, “Corrupt Takfiri groups committing the worst and most heinous crimes in the name of Islam are being supported by Western powers. They have formed an anti-ISIL coalition on the surface but are in fact the sponsors of this current and in line with their war with Islam. They are referring to the group as the ‘Islamic State’ in order to tarnish Islam’s image.”

In other words, what is going on in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen is not coincidental at all. It is well attest to a prevailing mindset in the US military and a dominant Zionist policy in Official Washington. Together, they have commenced a large-scale campaign against Islam with the express intention of debilitating the Muslim world forever.

In fact, the official War on Islam began in 2001 when the then US president George Bush made a crass reference to his so-called War on Terror as ‘crusade’. He warned Americans that “this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.” Since then and in line with this policy, the US military has been involved in fomenting anger and hatred against Muslims by making it absolutely clear that a “total war” against Islam would be necessary to protect “the open and free society” in the West.

To this end, the Americans and the Zionists continue to depict Islam and Muslims in dark shadows. Their collective efforts include pedaling a hatred for and a fear of Islam in the form of surveillance and anti-terror laws, movies, books, reports, websites, blogs, carefully crafted talking points, and anti-Muslim demagogues. They also provide direct funding to anti-Islam and anti-immigrant far-right groups in order to promote this malicious trend.

No doubt this malicious trend is a political, ideological, and military warfare against Islam. It is a pernicious practice used by Washington and cronies to single out Islam as a violent ideology, exacerbate anti-Islam sentiment and hate crimes, justify their never-ending lust for Muslim blood, give validity to their military expeditions in the region, and seize hold of its energy resources for good.

In all this, and as maintained by Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, if Muslim nations don’t toughen up quickly and reduce themselves to unity, if they don’t generate inter-faith discussion and thought, then they are not going to have the long-term chance to stop these persistent enemies and their un-evolved, demonic zealots (ISIL and al-Qaeda) from turning the Middle East into one big vast wasteland – not to mention in collaboration with terror-funding regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

This is not about racism and certainly not a permanent command to hate and despise Jews and Christians. This is not about us vs. them, or about anything we have done wrong. This is about who we are and the true nature of our religion, which is unity against those who are deliberately perverting Islam, right here, right now.

If the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims don’t recognize and realign spiritually, militarily, and politically to stave off the US-led aggression and Islamophobic campaign, then within a few years’ time there will be even more failed states, be it Sunni or Shiite, on Team Obama’s trophy room wall.

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