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Iraq Sends 1st Reconnaissance Drone to Monitor Borders with Saudi Arabia

8 May 2016 15:52



Iraq’s Al-Rafidain Operations Command Center in a statement on Sunday announced that it has sent the country’s first drone to monitor the Southern borders with Saudi Arabia.

“The drones will survey the border between Baghdad Operations Command and Al-Rafidain Operations Command, in addition to monitoring the border between the southern provinces and Saudi Arabia,” Al-Rafidain Operations Commander Lieutenant General Jamil al-Shammari said on Sunday.

The Iraqi drone’s reconnaissance mission covers Muthana, Dhi Qar, Meysan and Wasit provinces in the Southern parts of the country.

The drone was launched in the presence of General al-Shammari.

The drone’s mission comes as the Iraqi officials have already voiced their concern over the possibility of dispatch of Saudi soldiers to Iraq to help extremists and terrorists there.

In a relevant development in March, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad underlined that terrorists in his country and Iraq enjoy the direct support of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France and the UK.

“Terrorism is the real problem. We must fight it on the international level, because terrorism affects not only Syria. Terrorism exists in Iraq. It is directly supported by Turkey. It is directly supported by the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia, as well as a number of Western states, specially France and the United Kingdom,” President Assad said at the time.

“As far as other states go, they are watching, observing. No serious work on this issue is being conducted from their side. I think that with regard to these questions, the problem is far larger than the problem of the actual figures,” he added.

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