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Iraqi Local Forces Kill Senior ISIL Commander, Bodyguard in Salahuddin Province

8 May 2016 15:49



Armed tribesmen in Iraq killed a senior ISIL commander and one of his bodyguards in the Northern part of Salahuddin province on Sunday.

“The commander in charge of ISIL’s allegiance ceremonies and his bodyguard were killed in the city of al-Sharqat in Northern Salahuddin province,” the Arabic-language Sumeria News quoted Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) commander Jabar al-Mamouri as saying on Sunday.

Al-Mamouri reiterated that the Iraqi volunteer forces and the local tribesmen of al-Sharqat have had good cooperation against the ISIL terrorist group in recent months.

In a relevant development last week, the Iraqi resistance forces announced that they have shot down a drone that was spying on the Arab country’s security forces in the Northern part of Salahuddin province on Monday.

The Hezbollah Battalions (Kataeb Hezbollah) reported that they have brought down a hostile surveillance aircraft over Makhoul Mountains in Northern Salahuddin.

The move came as the Iraqi resistance forces repulsed ISIL’s attacks on their military positions in Makhoul region.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in Hezbollah Battalions’ counterattacks on Monday.

The ISIL’s military vehicles and hardware were also razed down by the Iraqi resistance forces.

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